The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi who is waiting for Ranbir on the terrace and she is remembering her past with him. She says that she is going tell reveal everything and he will become a father and they have completed his third dream. She gets over excited to tell him everything and dances with happiness. She keeps thinking about him. Suddenly, Prachi is about to slip on the floor and Ranbir holds her. He takes her hand over him and asks her to sit on a chair.

kumkum bhagya

He tells that Dida fired a Diya on the floor and therefore, she slip. Ranbir asks her the reason that why did she call him? Prachi says to him that whatever she is going to tell, after knowing this, they both will never separate in their life. They both emotionally see each other and Ranbir is about to kiss her on the forehead. Suddenly, the Phone rings and he goes from there. He says that he is just coming so, don’t go anywhere.

He meets Pallavi and she says where is his dad. Ranbir says that he is here and maybe, meeting with guests. Pallavi says that he is doing something without telling her and Ranbir says that he just drinks without telling her. Pallavi asks that she didn’t see anyone and suddenly, Aliya comes there. Ranbir keeps watching Prachi and Aliya tells her that Rhea is finding some important paper and suddenly, her leg is twisted.

Aliya doesn’t want to tell anyone that they lost pregnancy papers. Shayna is also searching for Dida and Rhea who are already missing from the party. On the other side, Ranbir wants to talk to Prachi and they meet. NGO lady sees them and notices. Aliya comes and provokes by saying that she is trapping him in her plans.

Suddenly, Pallavi calls him and asks him to manage all the things of the party. He says that he will manage it later and Prachi asks him to meet on the terrace. He asks Pallavi to enjoy the party and he says that he will manage everything. Ranbir reads the paper and says that he will read it later. On the other side, Shayna and Dida is talking about Rhea and she is planning something against them.

Prachi says that no one will come between them because there is love and belief between them. She says that Rhea can’t do anything. On the other side, Pallavi finds Vikram at the party and says that he should not go anywhere. Pallavi says that he is hiding something and doubting him. She says that he is definitely hiding something from her. He says that she keeps doing these things that he doesn’t like.

He asks her to celebrate this party with Rhea because she just wants to think about her. He says that he will do whatever he wants and she can do whatever she. The Episode Ends.


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