In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the show has shown many things which are going on in the life of Abhi and Pragya who has become together for one more time. We have seen in the previous episode that Abhi asks Sushma to arrange the “Grah Pravesh” and Sushma and Pragya get shocked.

kumkum bhagay 2nd september 2021

Pragya tells Prachi that he has brought Abhi to her home and Prachi gets happy hearing this. Prachi says that she has to go to the doctor for collecting some reports and Pragya also asks her to bring all the reports to her home so, she could show the reports to her doctor. Now, the upcoming episode will bring lots of things.

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The latest episode shows that Gaurav comes to the house of Pragya and every one of the houses including Sushma gets worried about this that why did he come here. Between all of this, Abhi comes in front of him and says that he is still alive only because of his wife Pragya.

Gaurav shows his attitude and says that he is just a bodyguard of her and doesn’t try to become a husband of Pragya. Abhi says to him that from today, she has become a world for him and I am all hers and now, he can become everything for him at the moment. Abhi standing alongside Sushma and he insults him a lot and asks him to leave the place at once. From this, it hurts Gaurav’s ego.

On the other side, we have seen that Rhea and Prachi have come into a competition and because of Rhea’s evil plans, Prachi had to see many problems in her law’s house. While Rhea always destroys the work of Prachi and becomes good in front of everyone’s.

Along with this, we have seen that how Rhea fire the lamp so, it could spread in hanging clothe, and Prachi comes into trouble again. Pallavi scolds Prachi again and hand over all the responsibility of Janmashtami to Rhea and asks her to perform the puja of the festival.

Not only this but Rhea also create her evil plan against Pallavi when she spreads some oil on the floor to fulfill her wrong intentions. But this time, she is creating her plans for Pallavi and wants to teach her a lesson. She spread oil downside of the stairs and when Pallavi comes with Dida, she slips after stepping on it.

Everyone in the house gets shocked and Pallavi hurts in her hand. Ranbir and Sid come to her and hold her hand to pick her. While Rhea smiles because her plan gets to succeed. Now, the upcoming episode will show many things including a competition between Rhea and Prachi because they both will dance after wearing a get-up of Radha and perform Raslila.

So, let’s wait for the next episode because something amazing will happen again in the episode where Rhea will create more evil plans for Prachi and Pallavi.


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