The popular and trending show of Zeetv is going more popular among the watchers and watchers are going excited for the next episode of the show where lots of turns and twists will turn out. As we have seen in the last episode where Ranbir, Dida, and servants were playing cards in the hall and Dida won 4th time. Dida said to Ranbir that calls his lucky charm there and then, he will win.

kumkum bhagay 29th september 2021

Suddenly, Prachi came there, and while Ranbir went from there and Dida said to Prachi that what happened between you and Ranbir. Dida told her memories to Prachi and Ranbir stood near the door and sent a message to Prachi that read,” she will have to confess her love in front of everyone”.

Suddenly Pallavi came there and Prachi went to the kitchen to make tea for everyone. Ranbir came to kitchen and said that he came here to drink cold water. Sid called to Ranbir and Ranbir showed Prachi that a girl called him and he tried to make him feel jealous of Prachi.

He went outside the kitchen and Prachi followed her. Again, he tried to make jealous Prachi by taking to Sid on a call. Ranbir cut the call and Prachi asked him about the call. Ranbir said to her that she loves her and Ranbir said that you will have to say this in front of Dida, Mom, and servant as well.

On the other side, Pragya came home and Abhi showed her a bottle of alcohol, she called Tanu and asked her why did she call her? Tanu said to her that she did not give and Dadi came there and said that she gave her alcohol. Dadi said to Pragya that she couldn’t see him in this pain therefore, he gave him this.

Later, Pragya went from there and came to Abhi’s window and knocked his window. Abhi opened the window and Pragya said to him that if he will not leave drinking so, she will leave this house. Abhi said that he doesn’t care if she will leave this house.

Tanu heard them and Abhi and Pragya insulted Tanu and Abhi suddenly, closed the door. Pragya went from there and Abhi started to drink again. On the other side, Tanu told everything to Aliya and Tai Ji, and suddenly, Mitali heard Pragya and Abhi’s conversation and told everything about their conversation. Everyone laughed at Mitali and Tai Ji teased her.

Now. the upcoming episode will show that when Pragya will go outside the home, some gangster will try to tease Pragya and she shouts for help. Suddenly, Abhi will hear her voice and he will rush to save Pragya from those people. Abhi and Pragya will fight those gangsters and later, they both come to back to their homes.

On the other side, when Aliya will provoke Rhea and she will come back in frustration, Prachi will ask her to make some food for her and Rhea shouts at her by saying that her mother has snatched my father, and now, you also snatched my love. Ranbir hears everything and he also shouts at Rhea.

Ranbir will say to her that he doesn’t want to see her face again and Later, Rhea apologizes to them and ask them for a second last chance. Ranbir denies giving her but Prachi gives her another chance. The episode ends. Now, what will happen next, tell us in the comment section.


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