Today, we are talking about the most prominent television show named Kumkum Bhagya. The show is actually going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot. The madness among the viewers to watch the full episode is very high and millions of people are eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming turns and twists in which all the characters give their best. Every time, the makers bring some major turns and twists through which the viewership of the show touches the peak and engages a number of audiences to maintain the high TRP on daily basis.

Kumkum Bhagya, Full Episode 29th October 2021 Episodeq

The upcoming episode begins with Pragya telling Sushma that she told Abhi about everything and he asked her not to give a single penny to Gaurav. After hearing this, Sushma also says that Abhi said right as they can’t believe in a snake. Then, Gaurav’s father asks if Pragya gives you everything, that he has demanded. Gaurav replies that she will do her life’s biggest mistake. Then, Sushma tells Pragya that Gaurav can do anything. Sushma advises her to tell that she will do packing until she returns, don’t take any decision. Suddenly, Gaurav calls Pragya and gives her a till 12 AM.

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After hearing this, Pragya asks him to get the papers ready as she is coming to sign the papers. Gaurav replies to her that the papers are ready and just brings the pen with her. Pragya ends the call and then Gaurav tells his dad that he will win. After that, He calls Aaliya and says Pragya got ready to name everything to Gaurav’s name. After hearing this, Aaliya asks if she gets ready to sign on the papers and then Gaurav says yes. Then, Gaurav says he will give proofs to prove Bhai’s innocence as this is the deal.

Then, Tanu says when he will get everything, he has to give their share, and then Gaurav says he will give everyone’s share on time. Now, the story takes a very great turn in which all the people are curious to know more about the further story. We know that the show is actually going on very well and a number of people are keenly waiting to get the upcoming turns and twists of the story. It will be actually very interesting to watch what will happen in tonight’s episode. Kumkum Bhagya will be airing on Zee TV at 9:00 PM.


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