The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Jay and Ranbir who is talking to each other. Ranbir asks Jay to concentrate on his office work unless the company will face a loss. Ranbir asks him to leave the cabin and concentrate on the work. Jay says that is he worried about Prachi? Ranbir says nothing and Jay asks him to share everything as they are friends. Ranbir doesn’t want to say a single word to him and Jay is about to leave his cabin but Ranbir stops him.

kumkum bhagya

Jay tells him that he is a business tycoon and everyone knows him in Delhi. Everyone even loves him a lot. Jay tells that everyone talks about him in the office and wishes that if Ranbir is their boyfriend. Ranbir tells him that Prachi doesn’t want to talk to him and always deny to talk to him. He adds that Prachi saw him with Rhea on a bed and Jay gets angry with him and starts blaming him. Ranbir says that he needs to listen to him first and then judge him. Ranbir tells that he was drunk and someone made him drunk. He even told the makers that bhang should not be used inside the house but even then, someone took it in the house and made him drunk.

Jay says that someone intentionally gave him bhang. Jay says that it was a pre-plan. Ranbir understands this and Jay asks him to check the CCTV footage of the house and he will have to do this at the night. On the other side, Rhea comes to Aliya and thinks that Prachi gets to know about the drug and the drink that she gave to Ranbir. Prachi tells him that after taking the drink, no one can control him and how can he have a honeymoon with her. Rhea tells Aliya that something bad is about to happen. Rhea tells Aliya that Prachi knows nothing happened between Rhea and Ranbir.

Rhea is scared and says that she is about to expose herself in front of everyone. Aliya says that they are playing bluff and don’t have any proof against her. Aliya also asks Rhea don’t get panic about this. Later, Aliya is about to leave for a meeting at night and sees Ranbir’s car. He asks the guard to call the CCTV handler to take all the footage of Shivratri’s night. Aliya hears everything and gets shocked.

Another side, Ranbir goes inside the kitchen and Prachi also comes there. They talk to each other and Prachi sees him cutting the vegetables to make something to eat. She asks him why is he eating a sandwich. He says that he likes the sandwich. Prachi says that he needs to eat proper food. They talk to each other politely and Prachi says that she is making something for herself and he can also take it from her. He says that she came here to drink water and she was confused.

Ranbir sees her and remembers his college life with her. She is about to leave and Ranbir asks him to eat with him. She comes back to sit with him and they eats together. Ranbir takes from her plate and eats. Suddenly, Rhea comes from upside and sees them together. She feels jealous and says that everything is happening because of her. The Episode Ends.


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