We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya which has become a recent popular serial on ZeeTV and many people have been watching this serial for a very long time. Now, we are going to share the latest episode of the show but before that let’s take a look at the previous episode of the serial where Ranbir and Prachi talked to each other and Ranbir asked Prachi that he doesn’t want to go to Bangalore with Rhea and he can’t stay away from her. Prachi said that she can’t deny it now because she had committed and it will not good if I will say this in front of everyone and Rhea will feel bad.

kumkum bhagay 28th september 2021 episode

Ranbir asked Prachi to go with him but Prachi said that Ranbir is doing good for a couple. Prachi asked him politely that his heart, he will give it anyone very easily. Prachi hugged him and Rhea heard everything outside the room and she thought that on this trip, he will be mine. Ranbir asked her to slap him so, he could find that how she loves him.

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They both talked to each other and Ranbir proposed to her by sitting on his knees and also asked her that she will not reply to him, he will not talk to her. Ranbir said to her that she will have to propose to him in front of everyone.

On the other side, Abhi came inside the Pragya’s cabin and said that today, he wants his salary as it’s salary day. Before this, Pragya heard Tanu and Abhi talk where Abhi was asking money from Tanu and said he need money and when he will get his salary, he will return to her.

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Pragya thought everything and said to Abhi that she can’t give him a salary in cash because she doesn’t have and later, she gave him a credit card and asked him to buy everything despite of alcohol.

Abhi got tensed and said that how could he get an alcohol? Pragya asked him don’t need to ask why he can’t? Abhi asked her that he will earn money from other work. On the other side, Rhea choose dresses to what to wear and she got frustrate from this and planned to go on shopping. On the other side, Pallavi and Dida talked to each other and Pallavi was thinking that Ranbir was not following her and following Prachi and only Prachi.

When Rhea stopped a taxi, she saw Abhi on the road and went towards him. She remembered her memories with him. Suddenly, Pragya came there, and Abhi opened a car for her and Rhea thought that Abhi met Pragya but did not meet her. Rhea thought something else and she found that everyone is her enemy and she will snatch everything.

Rhea called Aliya and asked everything. Aliya said to her that Abhi is Pragya’s driver. Aliya provoked Rhea and said that Pragya is trying to kill Abhi. Rhea said to Aliya that handle my mom and here, I will handle her dearest daughter. Now, the upcoming episode will show that how Rhea will handle Prachi because she is going with Ranbir and Ranbir asked her to propose to him in front of everyone. So, let’s wait for the latest episode tonight.


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