One of the most interesting ongoing serials, Kumkum Bhagya has been entertaining thousands of watchers across the country and since another story of Rhea began in the show, everything has been changed. Since then, there have been lots of upside-down have been taking place in the show and every single watcher is expecting when Prachi and Ranbir will come together once again. It seems that it is not going to happen soon because Rhea is planning everything at each step and once again, she will play another drama between Ranbir and Prachi’s life where she is going to show Prachi that Ranbir is only hers.

kumkum bhagya


As we have seen in the previous episode that Ranbir got to know about Prachi’s pregnancy and that she is pregnant and they are going to become parents soon. When Prachi went to her doctor to check herself, Ranbir followed her to give her a rose and express his love for her, unfortunately, he saw Prachi with the doctor and their baby’s check. First, he got shocked but later, he realized that Prachi did this because of him and now, she has to give him an answer to this. Now, we are going to share the written update of the upcoming episode and what will actually happen in tonight’s episode.

Well, the makers has released some latest promo videos of the upcoming episode that will change everything for all the fans across the nation. We have seen in the last episode that Ranbir was talking with Prachi when she was asleep. He said to her that Rhea never came between us and will never come further because he loves Prachi a lot and nothing can change between them. Suddenly, Rhea comes into the Prachi’s room where Ranbir is still presence and she sees him. Tonight’s episode will show that Rhea will get happy after seeing Ranbir’s condition that he is alright and hugs him tightly.

Suddenly, Prachi wakes up and sees them together that Rhea and Ranbir is hugging each other. She gets shocked but Ranbir doesn’t have the intention to hug her but even then, Rhea hugs him and Prachi couldn’t see that Ranbir doesn’t even touch her from the back. Along with this, another episode shows that when Prachi comes into Kohli’s house after being discharged from the hospital, Ranbir gets reads for her with a worship plate.

When Prachi comes to the Kohli’s door, he says that the whole Kohli family welcomes her with their wishes and love. Prachi gets shocked after seeing his face how can he do this? Prachi is still thinking that what is happening with her in this house and how Ranbir can be changed immediately. Well, many more things is yet to take place in tonight’s episode so, let’s wait together to watch the latest episode on ZeeTV.


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