The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi who talks to Pallavi and says that those who lie, keep quiet. Pallavi and Prachi come into a heated argument. Pallavi warns her by saying that she doesn’t need to do any drama at the party and Prachi replies that she will not see any mishappening at this party.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2021

Prachi says she was quiet and now, it is enough and Pallavi is not going to accept her. Prachi says that she knows how to respect her elders and will raise her voice if something wrong happens with her.

Prachi says that she doesn’t care if something happens with society and in the house. Dida says that it was amazing and Prachi says that she was talking about juice and Dida says that she is talking her reply. Pallavi sees them and on the other side, Pallavi’s friend eat something and feels uncomfortable. She continuously coughing and everyone gathers there.

Something stuck in her throat and everyone gets worried about her as she can’t breathe properly. Suddenly, Prachi comes and tries to handle the situation by holding her tightly to the piece that comes out of her throat.

Everyone stops her and says that what is she trying to do? Suddenly, a piece comes out of her mouth and she gets relief. Everyone gets shocked. Prachi asks her to sit and she thanks Prachi for saving her life. Everyone appreciates Prachi. Pallavi and Rhea get jealous. Pallavi thanks her without facing her. Suddenly, Prachi sees Shaina at the party and follows her. Prachi goes to his room and meets him.

Prachi tries to stop her and Shaina reminds his past. Shaina asks him to tell everything. On the other side, Shaina moves Prachi’s saree. Shaina says that she did not tell anything to her before. Shaina says that Ranbir has told everything to her. Prachi asks her to go from there.

Dida asks Pallavi to stay at this party as her friend’s party because Pallavi will do something wrong. Pallavi says that she can’t do anything and Dida gets happy as she knows that Pallavi will deny to ask her.

Rhea, Prachi, and Shaina get into a heated argument. Rhea goes to Aliya and asks her to start their plan. Suddenly, Ranbir comes there and asks Shaina that how did she go from her room without listening to him.

Shaina asks him to talk with Prachi as they have misunderstandings. Ranbir says that he talked to her but she replies that he did not do anything to stop her. They remind their past and blame each other.

Suddenly, Aliya comes with a mic and says something about Rhea and her wedding life. Vikram, Pallavi, and Aliya say nicely about Rhea. Ranbir and Prachi talk to each other and Rhea get jealous after seeing them together. Rhea takes him away from there. Pallavi announces the couple game at the party where all husbands will have to tie cloth on their eyes. The Episode Ends.


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