Here, we are going to share the written update of Kumkum Bhagya. The episode begins with Rhea who has taken the house key from Pallavi’s room and is about to open the gate. Suddenly, Prachi opens the gate and finds her outside.

kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2022 Written Update

Rhea says that she is just checking the keys of the rooms and maybe, the house has extra people and she will throw them out. Prachi says that she can’t even say a lie. Suddenly, Shayna comes and says that she needs to talk to her. Why she is talking with these people.

Later, Prachi thinks about Rhea as she doesn’t want to believe that Prachi is not pregnant. They reach Dida’s room and go inside where she sees Ranbir who is already inside. Dida asks them that they should become good friends. Suddenly, Prachi and Ranbir deny and Dida asks the reason why couldn’t? They allege that he is an attitude guy and she is an angry woman.

They start fighting with each other. Dida says that tomorrow is Pallavi and Vikram’s wedding anniversary. Prachi says that she is ready with this and can do anything to make this day special.

On the other side, Pallavi asks about keys and Rhea says that she doesn’t know about keys. Suddenly, she finds that she left keys inside the room of Prachi and goes back to take them. While Dida asks Shayna to take paper pens for them to create a plan for tomorrow.

They create a plan for the party and choose their work. Suddenly, Rhea sees Ranbir as he is laughing. Rhea takes keys from Prachi’s room and finds pickles on the table and finds tablets from the dustbin.

She finds the phone of Prachi and opens it. Rhea also reads the message from Sidharth on Prachi’s phone. Suddenly, Aliya comes into the room and finds Rhea there. Rhea reveals that Prachi is pregnant and she is going to become the mother of Sidharth’s child.

She says that she also found her in the hospital but Shayna came and told her that she is pregnant. Rhea also says that she finds the formula of the atom bomb. They plan something for Prachi and say that they will reality in front of all.

On the other side, Prachi and Ranbir are in excitement and they start talking about their moments of the past. They realize and Prachi goes from there to take a nap. Prachi sees everything at standing near the gate. Everyone notices her and she goes from there. Shayna sing a song for Ranbir to tease him. The Episode Ends.


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