We are back with the latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya and fans are eagerly waiting to watch today’s episode. It will be interesting to watch what will happen when Ranbir will wake up from his wounds? Will he accept Prachi or will go against her? Now, the upcoming episode of the show begins with something interesting because of the characters and the concept as well. As we have seen in the previous episode that Vikram overheard Prachi and Sahana while they were talking about their expected child. Keep reading to know the written update of the episode.

kumkum bhagya

Now, the upcoming episode begins with Rhea who shouts at Nick and hit him. Rhea grabs his collar and Nick says that he didn’t shoot at her and Tony did this. He was aiming at Prachi but Ranbir came between them as he always does. Nick says that Ranbir saw Tony and he came between them. Nick asks for money and Aliya says that she gives him money. Rhea says that she has to go back to the hospital as she didn’t tell anyone that she went to the house.

Rhea goes hospital and Nick ask for money from Aliya and Preeti. Aliya gives him money and says that it is enough. Aliya kidnaps Preeti and gives her back to Nick. On another side, Vikram says that what was the matter was that she hid from everyone. Sahana and Prachi lie to Vikram. Vikram tells Prachi that she cared too much about Ranbir but still, she can’t understand how much Ranbir loves Prachi.

Vikram goes from there and Prachi feels stomach pain again. She asks Sahana to find a doctor for her. Another side, Vikram asks Pallavi to stay calm otherwise, Dida will also feel upset. Dida asks about Ranbir and Vikram says that Ranbir is receiving treatment. Suddenly, Doctor passes from them and he tells them that Ranbir is doing better now and they can meet him. On the other side, the Doctor checks Prachi. The doctor says that she is careless and she didn’t care about her child.

Prachi reminds that how she suffered in recent days. The doctor says that the baby is Okay. Prachi says that she fell down and came here. The Doctor suggests staying away from her in-laws, and family as well to keep her stress low. Another side, everyone meets Ranbir in the room. Ranbir asks everyone not to cry. Ranbir makes fun of everyone. He asks for Prachi and Vikram says that she is fine. Pallavi says that Rhea got hurt and was crying for him. Dida tells that she didn’t see her outside.

Rhea rushes to the hospital and asks the Nurse to bandage her. Aliya comes there and meets Rhea. Another side, Ranbir keeps asking about Prachi. The Episode Ends.


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