Kumkum Bhagya latest episode starts with Rhea who comes into the Prachi’s room and talks about Ranbir and her relationship. Prachi warns her to shut her mouth. Rhea says that she will throw out of this house soon and Prachi says that everything has been sorted and Rhea says that she doesn’t need to get ready for the party because Pallavi will introduce her as a current wife of Ranbir Kohli.

Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2021

Rhea says that she will feel uncomfortable because everyone will ignore her and Ranbir and she will be seen as a happy couple. Rhea asks her to imagine everything that will take place in the party.

Prachi gives her a befitting reply that she will not stand between everyone because she will stand where is her exact place in the house. Prachi shut her mouth and Rhea says that Ranbir did not accept her so, how everyone will accept her. Rhea challenges that Ranbir will hold her hand and introduce her as a wife.

Rhea reveals that this is going to be their wedding reception because it was all plan of Pallavi. She managed everything and now, the reception party is about to take place. Rhea says that she is his life and Prachi is a mistake.

Prachi and Rhea continue their heated argument and Rhea says that she can stand in a corner. Rhea says that her memories are going to destroy and she can live with this. Later, Aliya meets Rhea in the party and Rhea tells her that she has given hints to Prachi that something wrong is about to happen with her in the party and Aliya asks her, she doesn’t need to do this but Rhea replies that she can’t control herself to scold her. Rhea says that she will have to beat her.

Dida doubts that something is wrong between Pallavi and Aliya at the party. Ranbir enters the party and Pallavi asks him to get ready because she needs to introduce him and Rhea as a couple. Later, Prachi feels stomach pain and Ranbir notices her because she is standing in front of the mirror and getting angry.

Ranbir can’t understand that what is happening and sees earnings on the floor. He thinks that maybe, she is angry because of this and he touches her from the shoulder. Prachi feels him and pain goes down.

Ranbir asks her not to anger. Prachi realizes that how can she feel normal. It was paining and suddenly, everything gets normal. Prachi talks to her baby and says that is it feels good when his/her father comes close to her.

She says that he will leave soon after a time. Later, Pallavi announces in the party that the party is organized due to two reasons, first, today is the wedding anniversary and the reception of Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Ranbir gets shocked after knowing this. The Episode Ends.


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