The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi who comes outside the bathroom and sees Ranbir’s frame. She thinks about him who said to her that he is one women man. Suddenly, Dida and Shayna come into the room with food. They say that all will have food together. Shayna talks about the drink of Ranbir. Shayna wants to ask about her suggestion over this. Prachi thinks about Ranbir and goes from there. On another side, Ranbir goes inside his bathroom, and suddenly, Rhea and Aliya come there. They try to find something and get the same shirt.

kumkum bhagya 23rd march 2022 written update

Rhea thinks that he just came to find proof against her and suddenly, Prachi comes there. She asks her what is she doing here. Prachi tells that she wants to talk to Ranbir. Aliya asks Rhea to talk to her politely. Rhea says that this is a room of her husband who is taking shower. He was also searching for her favorite shirt and she found it. They try to create misunderstandings between them. They try to tease Prachi. Suddenly, Ranbir comes there and says that he was finding the same shirt. Aliya and Rhea leave.

Ranbir stops Prachi. Rhea and Aliya talk about their matter as they were involved in everything. Rhea comes to cook and tells them that he told Ranbir that Aliya gave him Thandai during the Holi celebration. Aliya fired the cook but asks him to leave the house for the next 10 days. Aliya goes into Rhea’s room to find proof. Another side, Prachi tells Ranbir that he was the one-woman man. They both talks to each other and Ranbir is trying to make her understand.

Prachi says that if he is a one-woman man so who is Rhea. Prachi doesn’t want to accept this. They argue with each other and Prachi continuously tries to make herself understand. Prachi also says that their relationship has been spoiled. Suddenly, Prachi slaps Ranbir and she is shocked. Ranbir tells her that he will always love her. He says that he will prove himself innocent and also prove his love.

Prachi says that he was the only one who separated us. Everything was happened because of him. Prachi tries to wipe his tears but he stops her and says that she is still angry. Shayna comes there and feels upset. She asks him to do promise that he will never avoid her. Shayna hugs Ranbir says that he is the best brother-in-law in the world. Shayna believes in him and says that she is always with him.

Suddenly, Shayna sees a dustbin of Rhea’s room and she takes it from Preeti. Shayna checks her dustbin and finds the packet of the tablets. Rhea and Aliya come to the room and find their dustbin and the packet of medicines. The Episode Ends.


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