Kumkum Bhagya is back with another twisting episode for the viewers and the latest episode begins with Ranbir and Prachi where Prachi is sleeping in Ranbir’s room. Ranbir wishes that if this room is for both of us. He says that he just wants to keep her happy. He sits on the ground and sees her continuously. He says that he just wants her love or nothing else. He feels sleepy and says that he will not let her see calmly. He says that he will have to switch off her alarm so, she could sleep calmly. He sits on the table and falls asleep.

Kumkum Bhagya 22th March 2022 Written Update

In the morning, Ranbir wakes ups and comes close to Prachi. He goes outside the room and says that soon, they both will sleep together on the same bed and wake up with each other. He says that he will have to prove to her that he is innocent. Ranbir goes to Rhea’s room and sees no one there. He starts finding something in her room and finds her almirah is open. He tries to find something and suddenly, Rhea comes in his room and says what is he finding? He says that he is finding his T-shirt. Rhea says he is lying and he will have to say the truth to her.

He says that how can she doubt at her and what is the problem. Rhea says that she is doubting at her that how can he say life to her. She forces her to tell truth. On the other side, Prachi wakes up and it is 9 AM. She finds that the lock is open and how did it open. Another side, Rhea says that what is he hiding? He says that he likes the T-shirt as it was gifted by his mom and he loves to wear this T-shirt. Ranbir says that how can she doubt him. Rhea says that he just came to search for something. Another side, Dida comes to the kitchen and talks to Shayna. Shayna tells the cook to make Pratha for Prachi.

Dida asks about Neeti and the cook tells that her boyfriend was arrested by police last night and Aliya hears this. He tells that he is a taxi driver but he also works as a thief. He even suggested Neeti stay away from him but she doesn’t want to hear him. He is a con man. Shayna is about to tell about Rhea and Aliya but stops. She tells her that they mixed something in the drink.

They both are confused and think that they didn’t do anything together. Dida says that Ranbir didn’t do anything. Shayna asks her how can he trust him a lot. Dida tells that his love for Prachi was huge. Suddenly, Ranbir goes into his room and Prachi comes outside the washroom. He tells her that he was in another room and Prachi gets shouts at her. Prachi tells him that he slept in the same room in this room. She confessed that she can feel him around her. The Episode Ends.


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