We are back with another episode of Kumkum Bhagya and fans are also waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the show eagerly. So, the episode begins with Rhea who says that she will throw Prachi out of this house the next morning and Prachi asks her to shut her mouth and Prachi says that she is the servant of the house and says that Rhea needs to work as she is a servant of the house and she is going to spend some quality time with her husband.

kumkum bhagay 2021

On the other side, Vikram asks Pallavi that why she is organizing this event in their house and Pallavi says that she wants to show Prachi that Ranbir and Rhea are a couple.

Pallavi adds that she will show Rhea and Ranbir as a couple to everyone. Later, Ranbir doesn’t find anything in her washroom to bath and he plans to go to his room’s washroom to bath and enters to the washroom to bath. Suddenly, Prachi comes into the room and hears some sound from the washroom.

She enters and comes into a lovely argument. Ranbir asks to leave the washroom as he can’t bath. Prachi finds that the door has been locked. Ranbir comes and tries to open the door but couldn’t.

Shaina calls her and asks something if she wants. Rhea gets angry over everyone in the house who came to decorate the house for the night party. Rhea says that she needs to cook breakfast for Ranbir.

On the other side, Prachi and Ranbir come into an argument once again because Ranbir couldn’t open the gate. Suddenly, Rhea comes into the room and asks Prachi if she saw Ranbir but Ranbir closes her mouth with his hand.

Suddenly, Pallavi comes and finds that they both are in the washroom and locked. Later, Pallavi calls a carpenter to open the door and he says that he needs tools to open the door and Pallavi asks her to use their house tools.

Suddenly, Rhea thinks that maybe, the door has been locked from inside and they intentionally locked the door from inside so, no one can doubt them. Prachi feels vomiting and Ranbir asks the reason behind this. Prachi remembers her past and how the Ranbir was happy to hear the news of his pregnancy.

Prachi tries to say something to him but Pallavi and Rhea come inside the washroom. Prachi says that had she seen everything and even now, she needs to say that he is Rhea’s husband. Prachi says to Rhea that she did not even bring out the washroom so, how will she throw her from his life. The Episode Ends.


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