We are back with another episode of Kumkum Bhagya and this Saturday’s episode will entertain all the watchers because of its amazing storyline. The fans are too excited to know what will happen with Ranbir? Will his story discontinue Prachi? What will happen with Prachi, will she reveal the truth in front of Ranbir? Most of the watchers are eagerly waiting to know what will actually happen? Now, some promo videos have been released which is showing the unexpected story of the show. So, we are going to share the written update of tonight’s episode.

kumkum bhagya

The promo videos show that Prachi is sitting beside Ranbir who is still in worse condition and she is talking to him. She says that she always said to him that doesn’t come to her, don’t try to talk to him and she always hated him but now, she needs him. She wants him with her always and she will love him a lot and asks him to come back. She says that she never told him but going to tell him that we are pregnant. Yes, Prachi reveals that they both are pregnant and suddenly, she notices that his condition goes worse. She calls Nurse.

The doctor asks her go out and they will check it. She recalls Pallavi’s words that she is going to kill her son. Prachi cries and runs away from there. Suddenly, Prachi is about to fall and her doctor meets her and asks her to walk carefully. Prachi tells her that Ranbir is admitted to this hospital as he was stabbed. Doctor asks her to take care of herself because if she will not take care of herself in these days so, anything wrong can happen to her.

The Doctor says that her pregnancy is complicated and Ranbir’s family is with him to take care. Suddenly, Doctor sees Pallavi coming to them and Prachi asks her not to say anything to her because no one knows about her pregnancy. The doctor says to Prachi that if she will not go back to her home so, she will tell everything to Pallavi. Well, here are lots of things in the upcoming episode because the rumors reveals that Pallavi will play an evil game against Prachi because when Prachi will come back to home, Pallavi will say to her that Ranbir has gone from this world because of her and Prachi get shocked and couldn’t control herself.

Prachi walks on the road and meets an accident. She wad admitted to the same hospital and later, when Ranbir wakes up, he asks about Prachi and Pallavi tells him that she left him alone on the road and the passerby took him to the hospital. The Episode Ends.


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