We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya which is going to be excited for all the watchers. The episode begins with a Police officer who says that the new married woman can be arrested under section. Dida says that she was well known about this marriage and her whole family was involved including Pallavi, Vikram, Ranbir, Rhea, and also her aunt, Aliya. She was not present at the wedding but all this happened because of her. Officer says that because of her statement, her entire family can be arrested.

Officer says that there is anyone here who can file a complaint against Ranbir. Prachi asks Dida to don’t file a complaint against him and she says that her husband was with another woman in the hotel. Prachi shows her marriage certificate to the police. Everyone sees this and the police gets agree. Rhea says that she is the real wife of Ranbir.

Police also says that he is going to arrest Ranbir and his whole family. Everyone gets shocked. Suddenly, Rhea turned her voice and says that she did not get married to him. She says that it was a function and suddenly, Pallavi says that Prachi is the daughter-in-law of the house and Vikram also says the same. Shayna gets happy with this.

Dida gets happy and records the video of Pallavi. NGO’s ladies say that he doesn’t go for another woman as he has his beautiful wife. They ask him to fill her hairline with Kumkum. Ranbir fills her hairline with Kumkum.

Rhea sees everything and is scared. Prachi remembers everything that Pallavi said to her. Prachi comes to Pallavi and asks Ranbir to take blessing from his parents. They are blessed by everyone and Rhea sees this.

NGO’s ladies say that they both are looking beautiful with each other like God Ram and Goddess Sita. Dida tells that they got love married. Suddenly, Aliya goes from this and Rhea follows her. She says where she is going and who will take her out from this matter.

Aliya says that she is sending lawyers for her and if she will say this here, the matter will increase. Rhea says that it was a plan and Aliya did not do anything.

Aliya says that Ranbir is also with her and she can’t do anything here. Rhea says that she needs to talk to Ranbir. NGO lady says that taking Rhea to the hotel, it was his mistake. Ranbir says Yes. He says that it was my biggest mistake. He is also regretting this mistake. He also says that it was a mistake to take her into his life. The Episode Ends.


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