We are back with another written update of Kumkum Bhagya and the latest episode begins with Rhea who is wandering in the house with her happiness and suddenly, she collides with Sahana. They both come into a heated argument and Sahana says that she will not forgive her at her fourth mistake and later, Rhea sees Ranbir in the kitchen who is cooking Shira for Prachi. Rhea says that she wants to ask him something and Ranbir says that he is happy and she can ask everything to him. Rhea asks why he hugged her in the hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya, Full Episode 1st June 2022 Written Update

Ranbir was revealing about Prachi’s pregnancy but Ranbir says that it was about Prachi and she will tell her. Rhea says that if it was about Prachi so, what was that? Ranbir tells her that Prachi will tell itself. Ranbir says that if Prachi will tell this so, our relationship will be strong and Rhea thinks that he is talking about her and him. She gets happy and says that she is going to buy a new apartment and Rhea thinks that maybe, she is going out of this house and gets happy after hearing this from Ranbir.

Later, Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room with Shira and she asks what is that? Ranbir tells her that he made Shira. He cooked for her and he made this for her. Ranbir says that the good news was involved with her. He wants to share his happiness with her. He thinks that he wanted to see his third dream so, they can live peacefully in the house. Suddenly, he hugs her and Prachi congratulates him. Ranbir asks her to have a rest and gives a blanket to her.

Rhea sees everything out of the room and Prachi asks him to go out of the room because she can’t sleep if someone is in the room. He says that she is the habitat of it and he goes from there. In the morning, Aliya tells Pallavi that Ranbir and Rhea are coming close together and they felt wrong about each other. Pallavi says that she was scared because tomorrow is the wedding anniversary of Prachi and Ranbir. Aliya gets shocked after learning this and Pallavi says that she was thinking if Ranbir will come and says that he wants to celebrate with everyone. Pallavi says that Rhea will be broken with this.

Aliya and Pallavi think that they will live like a happy family. Another side, Prachi says that today is our wedding anniversary and she doesn’t want to create any drama because he will definitely wish her. Ranbir comes to her and about to say something but Rhea comes there and he stops. Prachi says that if he is feeling to talk with someone so, he can talk to anyone. The Episode Ends.


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