In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see that after receiving a divorce paper from Kohli’s house. Prachi gets tense and feels upset for her and her love for Ranbir. She runs towards her room and goes inside her bathroom and gets upset. Prachi remembered her past with Ranbir and feels that he did wrong with her.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021

On the other side, Ranbir puts his finger in tea mistakenly. He calls his peon and asks that why the tea is too hot and another employee replies that the tea is always hot and Ranbir replies did I ask you? He gets up and goes from his cabin.

On the other side, Sushma Aunty gets tensed for Prachi and continuously knocks the door to open. Prachi comes outside the room and tells her that he sent the divorce paper to her and Sushma says that she did not do anything and Prachi says that she can’t forget him and she can do nothing.

On the other side, Vikram gets up from the dinner table and he asks Rhea that try to make some space in Dida’s heart. Pallavi says that she can’t do this because she doesn’t want to forget Prachi and since then, Prachi went from this house, she even doesn’t have food with us.

Pallavi says that she just wants to stay away from us and suddenly, the door rings, and Pallavi says she also loves to go temple. Vikram says that how did she come earlier today and Pallavi says maybe, her wishes end soon and Rhea says she is praying for the wrong person and claims Prachi wrong.

Suddenly, Sushma Tandon comes to Kohli’s house and asks about Ranbir. Everyone gets confused because no one knows her and Pallavi says that she must be Sushma Tandon. She says that she came here as a guardian of Prachi instead of Pragya.

Rhea asks her why did she come here and Sushma warns her to keep away from this matter. Pallavi says that she can’t talk to her like that. Vikram asks her why did she come here. Pallavi asks her to come on the point. Rhea asks her to tell Prachi that she needs to move from this relation and has to sign on divorce paper.

Suddenly, Sushma flew paper in the air in front of Rhea and everyone gets shocked. Sushma says that she will not sign on these papers because she had no relation with Pallavi, Vikram, and Rhea of this house. Sushma asks that why are they following these formalities and Sushma says that she will never come to this house again. She doesn’t want anything from this house. Sushma asks them to stay away from her life.

Sushma says that she will not take the name of Ranbir and asks them to forget to Prachi. She will never come back to this house. Pallavi, Vikram, and Rhea get happy after knowing that Prachi will not come back to this house. On the other side, Prachi prays in the temple for forgetting Ranbir and suddenly, Ranbir reaches there. The Episode Ends.


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