We are back with the latest written episode of most and loving serial of the ZeeTV platform. The serial has been running for a very long time and fans are excited to get each and every detail of the upcoming episode. Currently, we can see that Pragya is trapped in the net of Gaurav, and Aliya and Tanu are with Gaurav to defeat Pragya in her life.

kumkum bhagay 19th august 2021

On the other side, Pallavi scolds Prachi because she falls down food on Gayatri’s clothes. She cries and comes to her room. Dida comes to her and makes her understand. While Pragya faced reporters and her lawyer came to her and asks her to don’t be aggressive in front of them.

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Now, the upcoming episode will come with a new turn in Pragya’s life because of her lawyer. He said to her that she needs to bring back her first husband in her life and reveal that they did not divorce.

Pragya remembers that Tanu was selling her husband and in this time, Pragya need Abhi’s help to clear out his image in front of the media. Tanu asks her to help because, since then, she married Abhi, she is facing the life of Chawl. Pallavi asks Prachi to don’t do any kind of mistake in her relations.

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On the other side, when Ranbir comes home early and meets Dida, and asks about Prachi as he is excited to meet Prachi. Dida says that let’s meet Prachi because she is waiting for you since morning and suddenly, Pallavi sees them and goes from there. Suddenly, a servant comes to them and Ranbir asks her about Prachi, she says that she is in the kitchen and Ranbir goes to the kitchen.

Ranbir goes back to her and holds her from behind and says that he was missing her since morning and it seems that he did not meet her for a very long time. Suddenly, he finds that she is not Prachi, she is Rhea. While Prachi stands behind them and sees everything.

Suddenly, Prachi goes from there and Ranbir goes behind her. They come to the room and Ranbir tries to make her understand and suddenly, he realizes that Prachi was making her fun and says that Rhea has changed and she doesn’t want you.

Ranbir and Prachi talk with each other and the conversation goes to Sid and Rhea. On the other side, Sid comes to the room Rhea and lays down. Suddenly, Rhea gets up and thinks about Ranbir and his touch. She gets nervous and sits down and rapidly thinking about the day. Now, the episode is going more interesting and fans are excited to know that what will happen next? Will Prachi Follow The Advice Of Lawyer.


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