The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Pallavi who says to Rhea that Prachi just went out of this house and soon, she will come out of this house not today, tomorrow, after a day tomorrow, and a month later but she will come back soon.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th january 2022 written update

Pallavi says that she doesn’t need to kick out her bags and when she will back in this house, she will create another drama in front of every family member. Pallavi says that it will be good if Ranbir will throw this out of this house and then, she will realize that he has forgotten her.

Pallavi says that he will do this definitely. Aliya asks where did he go? Pallavi calls him and Ranbir sees Pallavi’s call and thinks that it will be stupidity if he will ask help from her. To whom, he should ask for help.

Pallavi says that she didn’t need to go out of the state without telling her. Ranbir says that he is out of town and he is not getting any flights. He says that he will be back tomorrow. Pallavi says that there is a Lohri festival and she will have to go shopping with him.

Pallavi cuts the calls and thinks that this is news of relief that Ranbir is not here otherwise, he goes to help her. Rhea thinks that it will be the right option if Ranbir will throw her things out of this house.

Pallavi says that she want to make a Lohri special with her first daughter-in-law. Aliya tries to make Pallavi understand and she says that if Ranbir will do the same so, Rhea will do something wrong with her.

Pallavi thinks and says that she will not let do wrong with Rhea. On the other side, Ranbir is thinking about Prachi and he says that he will go to Delhi and first, save her from jail. He is getting worried about her and thinks that she should have gone out of India. He remembers his past where she was celebrating Lohri with Prachi.

Later, Jai comes to Kohli’s house to take some papers from them. Vikram offers him tea and asks him to get relax. They are both shy and talk about each other. Suddenly, Jai receives Ranbir’s call and Pallavi hears their conversation.

Ranbir thanks him and Jai says that he knows the values for Prachi. He comes to meet Prachi and Shayna. He insists Police Officer to bring out of them.

Ranbir sees him and he argues with the officer. He asks officer to take her out of this jail until his lawyer comes with papers. Ranbir gets into argument with Police Officer and he arrests him for misbehaving with him. On the other side, Pallavi tells everything to Vikram and they both get confused. Vikram says that he didn’t understand to tell them that he has come back.

Pallavi says that they will have to do something and she tells him that she sacrificed many things for him. Pallavi says that when Ranbir refused to marry her, she tried to commit suicide. They both are confused and can’t understand what is happening here? Aliya hears everything and Vikram goes from there. The Episode Ends.


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