The upcoming episode of the most popular and long-running serial of ZeeTv, Kumkum Bhagya is coming with a new twisting episode tonight where Pragya has been trapped by Gaurav Thapar and Sushma is blaming on Abhi that because of him, Gaurav become aggressive and he is taking revenge now. Pragya has been trapped in a Gaurav’s net.

kumkum bhagay 18th august 2021

On the other side, Prachi falls food on Gayatri’s clothes and after her leaving, Pallavi gets angry at Prachi and shouts at her in front of everyone in the house. Dida says that don’t need to scold her too much and she did not do this with good intentions.

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We all know that Rhea falls oil on the floor so, Prachi will slip on this and falls food on Gayatri’s clothes. Well, today’s episode starts when Pallavi starting to scold Prachi after Gayatri leaves and says many things to her. Teji also taunts Prachi by saying that she also did a mistake two years ago and today, the mistake was repeated again in front of Gayatri.

Pallavi says right, today’s generation always flies when they get some appreciation from someone. Prachi gets sad and Dida asks to stop Teji as she was talking about Prachi’s marriage. Pallavi gets angrier and Rhea says that Prachi will not repeat this mistake again, and Pallavi says that will take her responsibility? But Rhea did not react to this. Prachi apologizes to Pallavi but Pallavi don’t say anything.

On the other side, Aliya and Gaurav talks to each other on phone and Aliya asks for some money from him but he refuses to give her. Suddenly, Mitali hears everything and she comes to Aliya and Tanu and asks about the person. At the time, Abhi comes and says to Tanu that let Bhabhi says.

Mitali says they were asking for money from him but he refuses to give and creating an excuse. He also said that he is a chicken who give golden eggs. Abhi asks Aliya that who was the man? Abhi asks Mitali that what was the name of the man and don’t need to scare them because you are right but they both are wrong.

Mitali tries to remember his name and Tanu says that nothing was happened and you are taking it wrong. Abhi says that you don’t need to say something and what did you do before, everyone knows and to take out you from the jail, I had to do many things and only I knows. If I will know about this before so, I will handle it before happening something wrong. Now, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya.


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