We are back with another episode of Kumkum Bhagya. The episode begins with Rhea who comes to Aliya and says that to whom she told that Prachi has gone to the temple. Aliya says that now, she planned something else outside this house and Aliya says that she will lose her mangalsutra and then, Rhea will get a chance to insult her in front of all. Aliya reveals that she hired a person who will chain snatch of Prachi. She says that he will snatch her mangalsutra and everyone will think that he was the chain snatcher and he did this.

kumkum bhagya

Another side, Prachi prays to Matarani and asks that she is alone among her loved ones and expects that something wrong will happen, and wants the power to solve everything. She takes blessing from Pandit Ji and says that she also blesses with a child. Later, the Chain snatcher calls Aliya and says that she is coming out of the temple and will give the news after completing it. His friend also comes there and tries to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra. She shouts and Ranbir hears her voice while passing from there. He stops and finds Prachi there.

He searches for Prachi and Ranbir hears her voice. Suddenly, he comes there and beat them. Ranbir asks Prachi to give them but she denies it. Chain snatcher says that he needs this Mangalsutra and Ranbir says that she will give him and let him talk to her. She denies giving them and he asks her to give them. He breaks her mangalsutra and Ranbir starts beating them. He kicks the other one and they run away from there. She picks her mangalsutra and Ranbir picks it for her. He makes her wears mangalsutra.

Now, the latest promo has been unveiled something turning and interesting for the fans in which a turning point will come when Ranbir will be harmed by a chain snatcher. They will come back and stabbed Ranbir in front of Prachi. Yes, this is going to be a turning point for the show where Ranbir will be stabbed. Prachi will bring him to the hospital and Sahana asks her why is she trying to him or else he with Rhea.

Prachi will have not the answer of her question and at the end of the promo videos, Prachi can be seen telling him that she is pregnant and he will have to stand up in the sake of their child. Yes, Prachi will reveal everything about her upcoming baby and maybe, Ranbir will get a new life once again. So, let’s wait for the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya that begins tonight.


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