The latest upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya is all set to entertain the fans after the last episode came with lots of twists and turns. We have seen lots of things in the last few episodes. Now, the latest episode comes with some amazing interesting things where Rhea get to know that Ranbir has gone from India to London because of her.

Kumkum Bhagya

Rhea gets tensed and later, Aliya brings her to another room. Rhea says that she can’t understand that why did Ranbir go from here. Rhea says that she can do anything to achieve Ranbir and Aliya asks her to calm down and says that she knows how much she loves her.

Aliya says that she can do everything for her because she loves her. Aliya also says that she drugged Sidharth and Prachi and brought them on a single bed of a hotel room. Suddenly. Pallavi and Neetu hear everything that were standing out of the room near the gate.

Rhea and Aliya gets shocked after seeing her and says that they did not mean this. Pallavi comes to them and says that how was she wrong for her? She can’t understand this before about Rhea and gets angry over her.

Pallavi says that Rhea that she has snatched everything from her son and even, she made this evil plan to separate her son and Prachi from each other after knowing how much they loved each other. Rhea interrupts and says that she can understand. Pallavi replies her that Prachi is enough better than her and Rhea gets shocked. Everything has been sorted in front of Pallavi.

She thinks about her son, Sidharth, and reminds us that when Ranbir left her family, he was the only one who took care of us properly and she also kicked him out of the house. She will never forgive her. Suddenly, Pallavi gets over and asks Rhea to leave this house as soon as possible.

Aliya says that she can make her understand and Pallavi says that before she does something wrong, they both have to go out of this house otherwise she can do anything with them. Pallavi says that Sidharth was like her son and she did this just to get Ranbir in her life.

Because of her, three lives have been destroyed. Pallavi kick out Rhea and Aliya out of the house. Later, Pallavi reached Jail to meet Prachi and tells everything to her which makes her totally shocked.

Pallavi says that she was wrong and was blind in love of her son. Pallavi requests Prachi to call Sidharth in the house. The Episode Ends. So, what do you think? Will Sidharth come back to Kohli mansion? What will happen next in the upcoming episode? Keep watching the serial and read spoiler here to know more about the upcoming twists of Kumkum Bhagya.


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