In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will get to see Sid and Rhea comes to the resort’s room and Sid says that how beautiful this room? Rhea says that what is beautiful here. He says that if she doesn’t like the resort, we can change as well. Rhea says that if Ranbir is here so why should we change the resort?

Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2021

Sid gets shocked again after hearing his name and Sid says that why is she continuously taking his name? Rhea gets angry and goes from there. Sid thinks that is she really likes this because she talks with me well in the house and now, she change her mood again and again.

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On the other side, Tanu asks Aliya that she cheated on her. Aliya says she doesn’t want to talk to her and Tanu says that she will have to answer of this and Aliya shouts by saying Rhea is my family and she is like my daughter. I can’t go far away from her. That’s not mean that if I am with you so, I can’t even talk to anyone. Aliya says that I am helping her because to whom she loves, he doesn’t love her back. She is the only one who can help her.

They come into a huge argument as Aliya says to her that she only loves Abhi’s money not him. On the other side, Rhea comes to the dinner table and Sid says to her that she came alone without him. Rhea says she is not a child and she did not come to the resort the first time.

She can find her own way and goes to the table. She thinks about Ranbir because he did not come yet. Sid apologize to her and says that he misunderstood. Rhea asks him to don’t irritate her and asks him to call Ranbir and Prachi as well.

Sid says that maybe, your mood will be okay after they will come. Rhea says there is no doubt. Sid gets nervous about this. He is about to call Ranbir but suddenly, Rhea sees Prachi and Ranbir and asks him to don’t call, they are here. She goes to them and hugs Prachi. Rhea looks happy after viewing Ranbir.

Ranbir and Prachi hold each other hands and Rhea gets jealous after seeing them together. Ranbir also asks Rhea to hold Sid’s hand as they are on honeymoon. Ranbir kiss on Prachi’s chicks and Rhea gets jealous again.

Resort’s manager offers Ranbir a guitar to play something for his wife. Ranbir insists but because of Prachi, he sings. He plays the song “Tum Ko Paaya Hai”. He plays for Prachi and Rhea gets jealous after viewing them. They both perform in front of each other and Sid also plays guitar for them. Rhea goes from there.

On the other side, Aliya thinks that Abhi will never change because he came here to take revenge from Pragya but he has been following him for the first day. Rhea thinks about them continuously. Rhea gets jealous and Aliya calls her and asks her that what’s going on? Rhea says that she should not have come here. Rhea tells everything to Aliya.

Aliya asks him to shut up and make another plan for each other. Aliya asks Rhea to give him a drug as give him alcohol and take him to another room. Later, Rhea goes back to them and Prachi appreciates Ranbir. Rhea orders alcohol for everyone and one of them, she mixes alcohol and drug. The Episode Ends.


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