The latest episode begins with Prachi who says to Rhea that she came here to punish her and Ranbir. Rhea leaves from there and Prachi asks her to send her husband (Ranbir) in the room. Rhea says that she is not a servant of her and she replies she will become so, she will have to adopt this.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2021

Prachi says that she saved her from being arrested and Rhea says that she did not do a favor on her. Prachi and Rhea come into an argument once again. Prachi asks a glass of water and asks her to send Ranbir to her room.

Rhea goes out of the room and meets Ranbir. She asks him to come for sleep and Ranbir says that he has to sleep but why should he go for sleep? While Prachi is noticing them. Rhea says that they got married and husband and wife sleep together.

Prachi comes to them and creates a situation to sleep with her in her room. Prachi wants to show Rhea that what is the value of Rhea in this house. Prachi warns Rhea once again to avoid her husband. Prachi taunts Rhea that it was an illegal married. Prachi asks Ranbir to sleep in the guest room until she is here.

Ranbir get agree to sleep in the guest room. Prachi teases Rhea while behaving like a responsible wife. Prachi goes into her room and gets emotional. Rhea says Ranbir about her behavior and he says that she is right. She can do this because of this family. Rhea blames Prachi. On the other side, Pallavi thinks about Prachi and her behavior in this house.

Vikram asks to avoid this and Pallavi says that she is back after three years. She snatched her child from her. Pallavi says that we don’t know that what is the thinking of society of our family.

Pallavi blames Prachi for everything but still, Vikram says that it was our mistake and she took a chance of our mistake but Pallavi doesn’t want to accept this. Vikram says that if Prachi and Ranbir have been divorced before so, it was not happening in this house, and if Prachi does this so, she will have to go to jail. Pallavi gets confused and on the other side, Shaina talks to Rhea and talks about this.

Rhea says that she has a majority of this house and Ranbir has been accepted her as a wife. Prachi sees a picture of Ranbir and blames him once again. Another side, Ranbir also thinks about her. Prachi tries to remove his photo frame from the wall and Ranbir thinks that she is trying to tease him.

Suddenly, Ranbir hears the voice once again and he comes through the window in her room. Ranbir reminds her that she took this picture for him. The Episode Ends.


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