We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya that begins with Pallavi who is asking for coffee to Preeti. Well, Nick is still locked in the almirah. Vikram comes there and says that he is finding his file and suddenly, Pallavi taunts him. She says that no one listens to her in this house. He says that he is searching for a blue color file and Pallavi says the file is in the almirah. Nick thinks that he is going to open the almirah. Vikram and Pallavi talk to each other and Pallavi say that she is not going to change her thinking for Prachi and if she is wrong so, she is wrong.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Update

Pallavi says that who the hell locked the almirah. Vikram says that he has a spare key and will open the door. Nick is scared and thinks that he will be in trouble. Suddenly, Ranbir comes into the house and says that he is thinking about Nick. Pallavi asks about Nick and she tells that who is he? Ranbir says that he is the person who attacked her. Later, Prachi comes and Ranbir says that he wants to do whatever he wants and no one can stop him.

Prachi tells Pallavi that he has asked Ranbir to stop following the person who attacked her. Prachi says that she can’t see him in this sitauation. Pallavi says that she did magic on him and he always thinks about her. Pallavi asks Prachi to stay away from her child. Prachi says that believes in her and she will never take her son far away from her. Later, Shayna comes in the room and Prachi also comes. Shayna wants to tell her about Aliya and Rhea. While Prachi thinks about Pallavi.

Prachi cries and says that she is too bad and Shayna comforts her. They talk to each other and Prachi says that she can take care of herself. Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir to take the stress from her. Prachi tells Shayna that the person threats her on the call. Shayna makes her understand that Ranbir loves her. Prachi asks her to go and have some rest. Another side, Rhea, and Aliya talk to each other.

Rhea says that they need to take Nick out of the almirah before Shayna comes there to find him. Prachi takes money from the almirah for Nick otherwise he will not go from here. Later, Ranbir talks to Police Inspector and talks about Nick. Ranbir says that he can come to his house and if he will come there so, they can create any strategy. Shayna overhears him and Ranbir gets angry over Shayna and says that once, the person will be arrested who wants to kill Prachi, he will neither see the society nor his family and will not leave the person. The Episode Ends.


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