Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi and Shayna and she says that she had planned everything and now, they will have to do something to take those papers back. Suddenly, Dida comes there and says that they will have to do as they did with her. Dida says that she will help her to solve their problems in the house and definitely, she will be with Ranbir.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2022 Episode

Prachi says that she just came here to take her rights back and no one can stop her from doing this. Dida says that to take her rights, she will have to live with Ranbir and rights belongs to her husband.

Prachi says that she just wants her rights and authority. Prachi says that Rhea has her signed papers and because of this, she can let her out of this house. Dida says that they will also have to do something to take these papers back from her.

Shayna says that they will have to bring those papers out of the lockers. Shayna tells her plan but that’s not worthy. Prachi says that she is not getting any idea. Prachi says that she will have to take papers back otherwise she will destroy everything.

Dida says that she has an idea and it is old but will work definitely. Shayna asks for the plan but Dida says that they can’t do this. Prachi and Shayna insist but Dida denies telling because they can’t do this. Dida says that she needs to think of something else.

Shayna insists on Dida to tell and Dida says that she needs to tell this. Dida says that the raid will take place in Kohli’s house. Prachi get her point and says during the raid, income tax officers will have to take these papers out of Rhea’s room. Dida says they will have to wear a get-up of a man.

On the other side, Vikram cancels his meetings and he says that she can’t handle everything and need to stay here. Vikram says that he can’t help in this matter and leave the house. Aliya comes there and sees the condition of Pallavi.

Another side, Shayna tries to make understand Prachi and Prachi gets agrees over this. Prachi says Vikram and Ranbir knows the laws of income tax and Dida says the raid will take place tomorrow.

Dida says she will handle Ranbir and Vikram because they will go out of this house. On the other side, Pallavi and Aliya come into an argument and he thinks that Rhea is the wrong girl. Aliya says that what will have to do? Pallavi says that they will have to let Prachi out of this house.

Aliya says that they will have to do something otherwise anything could happen. Aliya says that Rhea is packing her bags in her room and another side, Rhea comes to her room. Rhea starts to pack her bags. The Episode Ends.


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