The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 02, 2021 will come with a lovable moment inside Kohli’s house where Prachi will get a warm welcome by Dida and everyone’s in the house including Vikram, Pallavi, Rhea, and Sid. She will tap on the rice of Lotah and enters inside the home after putting her right leg. Dida will be seen in a sad moment while Pallavi will be seen in jealousy. Sid and Rhea are happy.

kukkum bhagya 3rd August 2021

They both take blessing from Vikram by touching his legs and on the other side, Pallavi is getting angrier. They touch everyone’s feet even Pallavi and Prachi expect blessings from her and suddenly, she put her hand on Prachi’s head and she smiles.

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Later, Dida says that now, there are two daughters-in-law in the house and Prachi gives a look at Rhea, and they both hugs each other. They both are going to start their new life in the house but some more things will happen in their house because many conflicts between Pallavi, Prachi, and any others will be seen in the upcoming episode and now, the episode will also turn to the story of Abhi where he will meet Gautam.

It will be interesting to watch them together because Abhi beat Gautam in his own farmhouse when Gautam’s intention was not good for Pragya and at that moment, Abhi showed his anger on him.

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On the other side, Gautam says to Abhi at Pragya’s office that how dare you talk to me like this in front of everyone. Abhi replies that who has dared to beat you so, he can also talk like this. Abhi says you have already seen a trailer at night and Gautam says that I did not file a complaint against you and if I did so, I see that what do you do? They both come into an argument and Gautam says that you can’t talk to me like this and Abhi replies he can.

He says that if you complain against me so, I could also reveal that why I beat you and Gautam stops. Gautam says you are showing me attitude in English and Abhi replies, I can show you my attitude in any language. They started arguing and Pragya keep stoping them in their office. Gautam asks him that who depot him in the office and Abhi says the boss of the company appointed him as a bodyguard, chef, waiter, and everything.

Pragya again tries to stop but they don’t. Suddenly, Gautam tries to move him back but his hand touches the water glass and that’s fallen down on his desk and he blames Abhi for this. The Episode Ends.


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