We are back with the latest written update of the most awaited and entertaining serial on the ZeeTv channel. Kumkum Bhagya has been running for the last several years and watchers are showing their interest in the serial. There are too many amazing concepts and scenes that makes it too interesting.

Kumkum Bhagya, August 17th 2021

Now, we are going to share the written update of today’s episode as of August 17, 2021. We have seen that Gaurav warns Pragya that he will destroy her life, business, and family as well. He has filed a molestation case against Pragya and now, the story of the serial has taken a new turn where Pragya will have to face all the allegations from Gaurav.

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The episode starts where Sushma will ask Pragya to don’t think more about this because Pragys is alone in her home and crying every time. Sushma says that I wish that Abhi were hit Gaurav and Gautam. Pragya says Abhi did not do anything.

Sushma says Thappar always ran our business because we did not come back to India ever and since then, they never showed us the profit and loss in the business because they always deposit in their accounts. They thought that the company has been running since then like always. Abhi beat Gaurav and Gautam and therefore, their father called Gaurav for the business.

Pragya says that there is no fault of Abhi and whatever he did, that was right. On the other side, Abhi says that she is also not wrong and smiles after viewing her picture in a frame. He thinks that she doesn’t like him and always pushes him back whenever he comes close to her but sometimes she cares for me and reminds that moment when Pragya holds his hand after fighting with Gaurav. He thinks that he doesn’t like him but likes his help. If she needs his help so, he will have to come close.

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Pragya says that she was just helping and Sushma replies I know but there are many ways to help but that doesn’t mean that you will destroy everything without thinking that what are you doing? The fight is not a solution to anything. She says he beat him a lot that Gaurav took it too seriously.

On the other side, Prachi holds Gayatri’s leg and she says that it will be more painful and suddenly, Prachi moves her leg and it sounds that it has broken. Rhea shouts that you broke her leg and Prachi asks Gayatri to move your leg slowly and keep it on the floor. Everyone sees her shockingly.

Gayatri says now, the pain has gone and I can stand. Gayatri stands and asks that from where she learnt it. Prachi says that when she living with her mother and he used to whenever her friend’s mother faces this problem. My mother did everything. Again Prachi gets more points from Pallavi. Gayatri says her thank you and asks her to call her in her home. She has to go somewhere which is very important.

Gayatri gives her Prashad and asks her to give everyone. Prachi takes a box of Prashad and also gives it to servants. Rhea gets jealous and reminds that of what Pallavi said to them. The Episode Ends.


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