“Kumkum Bhagya” shows today’s episode start begins with the Prachi. Asking to the Pragya about that man who is available during the incident. Pragya goes outside the room. Sarita comes, Prachi asks him from there. Sarita said that who shows the love towards her love and respect, they ditch us, Riya, they did everything against you. Prachi gets shocked. Sarita said that Riya did everything to degrade you in front of Mr. Mehra and Ranbir. Ranbir hears those words and gets angry. Prachi said that Ranbir…! She wakeup to go near to him. Riya sees, the pictures and starts sobbing.

kumkum bhagya1

Riya remembers the Prachi, she is crying and said I did wrong. Abhi like Prachi, I don’t like this. He said that Prachi is his daughter, he is feeling so jealousy. Everyone start liking you, before you, I was everyone’s favorite and I am the first priority of the family. I really don’t like this all and I am sorry about this. She said please forgive me and if you forgive me then  I will give you shock your father, our father, and your mother, our mother. Out mother……give you. They did not meet I want them first to meet us, Father always said are you go to meet with your mother and I go there.

He is right, he said that he will love with his mother. Whenever mi will meet I love you and mother. To make with us we have to take permission to the father, next time we both will come and take you with us. Prachi stops the Ranbir. They said sorry, Riya did this in front of me, she hurts you. She tries to spoil your whole life I will never forgive her. She hurts all of us and I will never let her go this time.

She stops her and tells mom is here, we will talk to her, and tries to solve this, you don’t get sad and upset with us. You have to take care of me you did nothing else tell now. He coughs, he said alright. Pragya comes to near Prachi. The nurse said that doctor give permission to take away the Prachi at home If you will take care of her properly. Sarita replies okay. The nurse said she will preparing the discharge papers. He asks did I drop you at home. Sahana and Aryan talk on the phone call. For more written latest updates stay connect with us and stay safe!



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