The episode starts with Pragya and Sushma. She is saying that happiness is the real wealth. If you are doing well in your life and feeling happy to do such things then you are rich. She recalls Pragya’s words when she was shattered while Abhi betrayed her. Pragya said that he loved me and cannot leave me. He is my strength and will. always be with me.  Sushma says that Pragya is returned to take revenge from Abhi,

Kumkum Bhagya, 9th July 2021

but I don’t want Pragya to spend the rest of their life like this. She says that I will end the auction I will see Pragya getting stronger. I want her to stay in India. Tanu had a dream about Pragya and suddenly wakes up. Mitali scolds Tanu for why she wakes her up. Tanu says that she had a dream that Abhi and Pragya that they ran away.

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Mitali says that she thought that you have seen a ghost. Aaliya asks her not to worry about Abhi as he cannot leave her. Abhi remembers Pragya and feels happy. Tanu got shocked to see him smiling.

Sushma hears the dogs are barking and she goes to Pragya to cover her so she can sleep peacefully. Abhi wakes up in the morning and picks the scarf and wonder who does it belong to. He says that I found it so this is mine now. Pragya sees the black scarf and had the same feeling. Pallavi scolds her driver and Prachi see the while incident and tries to help Pallavi. Pallavi is shocked to see Prachi.

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The driver comes out of the car and apologizes to Prachi. He says that you have saved the life of my family. Pallavi says that the one who looks like a saviour is doesn’t mean that he is genuinely a saviour.

Pallavi gives her money and says that you saved my life so this is the amount of doing this. Prachi says that you are my mother in law and this is my duty, I don’t want money. Prachi turns around and a woman asks her not to cry for a woman who doesn’t even know how to talk.

Ranbir calls Prachi and says that Dida and mom has left the home where they lived together. He says that I couldn’t find anyone in the house. I am helpless and looking for them. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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