The upcoming episode starts with Pragya as Abhi and Pragya spot each other during the party. Seeing Pragya, Abhi grabs her hand when she passes by him but when she misses Pragya’s words So he leaves her hand and Mitali gets upset seeing them together and goes to Aaliya, who aggravates her revenge and encourages her to take revenge.

KumKum Bhagya 7th November 2020 Written Episode Latest Update: Abhi Grab Pragya Hand

On the other hand, Riya is shown an engagement ring by Daljit and Pallavi, Daljit, and Pallavi are very happy to find a daughter like Riya and show her love. At the same time, Ranveer teases him as he understands what is going on here. Meanwhile, Ranveer tells his mind to Aryan that he will be married to Prachi. Aryan is overjoyed to hear this, not only this, Ranveer and Aryan start bouncing due to happiness.

After this, Ranveer tries to talk to Riya about his marriage to Prachi but Riya tries to avoid that topic. On the other side, Alia shows Ranveer the engagement ring of Riya and Ranveer.

During the party, Mitali collides with Raj and tells Raj that Pragya is present at the party. Meanwhile, Ranbir put his hand in the ring. had hidden Pallavi to keep her safe. Vikram sees Pragya on the other side and he sees Pragya stealing the eye from Abhi and seeing this he teases her when he urges Abhi to go to Pragya and pushes him towards her.

Abhi finally meets Prachi, who is very eager to meet Prachi and helps him in serving the welcome drinks but the twist in the story comes when Riya sees them together at the end of the episode we are left with suspense, so it is going to be quite amazing, hence it is one of the most favorite show of all the people, so let’s wait for more updates on the same page.


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