In the previous episode, viewers saw that Tanu is behind bars as she tried to steal Pragya’s purse. Abhi talks to a Police officer to release Tanu but he refused to grant bail. He asked him to apologize to Pragya and request her to take her FIR back then they will release Tanu. Then a man enters the police station and says that he is the advocate of Purab Khana and came here for Tanu Mehra’ bail. The police inspector asks him to show his work profile. He says that he is not popular for his grades but the one who is last is a pop star.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021

The inspector says that he won’t believe that he is popular. Purab says that he never tried to show off his popularity even when he was a pop star, so he cannot use his old identity now. Inspector says that the person you are talking about is not an advocate and lives in a chawl.  Purab says that as I already said that I don’t like show off and a person attached to the ground. A police constable asks Tanu to come out of the prison as someone granted her bail.

Tanu says that I already knew that I wouldn’t stay here for long. I was a model and wanted to be a supermodel, but ally dreams got destroyed. Constable says that I also wanted to be an actor but Shahrukh Khan took my place in Mumbai and became a popular star. Tanu regards the police inspector but got shocked to know that Purab granted his bail. She took him aside and says Than you Purab to get me out of this hell. Purab says that I have done this as Abhi wanted. Dadi was worried about you and asked Abhi to take you home. Police constable asks Abhi to apologize to that lady whose purse you have stolen.

But Abhi refused to meet her and asked me to grant a bail for you. Tanu got worried if Abhi would have to meet Pragya then he will come to know that she is alive. She thinks that I cannot let Pragya to return our lives. My life is going well with Abhi and his family and now I have sacrificed my dreams for him. I need to talk to Aaliya about it otherwise I will lose my senses. She asks Purab to take her home. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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