In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we are going to see lots of twists and turns because Pragya knew everything about the reality of Aliya and Tannu. But unfortunately, she is just thinking about Abhi because he has been trapped by Gaurav and his father who is going to kill him by showing an accident.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2021 Episode

On the other another side, we have seen that how Rhea is playing a game against Ranbir and Prachi as she is going to show Ranbir that how Prachi is cheating on him by having an affair with Sid in the house. She spread gas inside their room and made them unconscious. Later, she called Ranbir in the room and showed him that how Prachi and Sid is sleeping on the same bed.

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Prachi tried to confess that she is not guilty and didn’t do anything but instead of taking a side of Prachi, he blamed over her by saying that how can she do such with his brother because he loves her. Later, Ranbir decided to break all the relations with her. Ranbir says that he is breaking all his relations with her. While Rhea gets happy after seeing all these things. On the other side, Gaurav will go outside with taking Abhi on a wheelchair with a help of his father.

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They bring Abhi outside the hotel room and suddenly, Gaurav reminds him that Abhi recorded everything and he will have to take his phone back from the room. When Gaurav reaches to the room, he will find that Pragys is already there and he hides from her. Later, Gaurav calls her and asks her to come in the same room. When Pragya will come there, he also makes her unconscious and brings her outside the hotel to kill them together.

The promo video of the upcoming episode has been released that shows something twisting and turning. When Gaurav kidnaps Abhi and Pragya, he brings them to the room and the promo videos show that Gaurav says to them that they will die until anyone gets to know. On the other side, Ranbir is thinking that there is something wrong between Prachi and Sid.

When they were in the same room during a meeting, Rhea leaves gas in their room and they got unconscious. Ranbir comes there and shouts Prachi’s name. Prachi gets up and finds herself with Sid on a single bed holding his hand. Now, Ranbir doesn’t have a choice and he blames Prachi for cheating on him. The Episode Ends.


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