Kumkum Bhagya zee5’s favorite show. For all the fans who are eagerly waiting for the latest updates on the show’s drama, through this article, we will give you information about what will come in the latest episode of the show. Now, We will do a recap of the previous episode before knowing about the latest episode.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update

So as we saw in the last episode, Pallavi treats Prachi like a maid, and seeing such a personality makes Prachi tear her eyes. Later, when Pallavi sees Prachi and Ranbir together, she does something terrible Decides to do. Aaliya sees Riya getting emotional for her love towards Ranveer and pits him against Prachi.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Pallavi and Beeji Prachi are regretful about getting close to Ranveer. Meanwhile, Pallavi insults Prachi by saying that she can share her old saris with Pragya and Sarita Ben. Hearing this, Prachi leaves from there, after Prachi leaves, Pallavi tells Beeji that she has done this misdemeanor so that she can leave Ranveer. On the other hand, Abhi decides to celebrate Dussehra with a Ramlila as well as Ravana Dahan.

In the next scene, Sarita Ben congratulates Pragya and she is assured that she will get a lot of litigation at the party. She eventually becomes passionate about leaving Pragya. Pragya and others depart for the party whilst Prachi comes lower back and insists that she will be a part of later.

On the other side, At the Dussehra ceremony, Pallavi holds on guests to stay till the end for a surprise. To teach a lesson to Prachi’s family, Pallavi cheats Pragya and Sarita Ben for not taking her work seriously. Sarita Ben mingles with him but Pragya refuses to let her get tense. Upon learning that Sarita Ben is catering for the function, Abhi starts searching for Pragya and quickly spots her. Along with this, the serial ends.


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