We see in the earlier episode of Kumkum Bhagya that Abhi goes to the house of Pragya. Light goes and then Pragya goes to bring the lamp. She asks who is on the door. Abhi thinks we should not meet as there is no light. Then he goes. Pragya opens the door and then she sees nobody. Abhi thinks he should go there as Pragya will become scared. He goes there and says he is Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks who is he. He says I am Mr, Mehra but then his voice was not clear and Pragya thinks maybe there is a thief. Then Rhea was seeing a good place at camp. A boy sees Rhea and asks Rajesh babu that where is Rhea going?

In Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2019 episode we will see that Rhea comes there. Prachi also asks which is the best place here. Abhi becomes scared and thinks nobody is opening the door. Pragya thinks that this is the thief and she should call the police. But then her phone was off. Abhi thinks he should check whether there is a problem. Abhi asks who is there. Pragya talks in the voice of a man and says I am the husband of Anuradha. He thinks that Prachi told him that she does not have a father. He becomes scared.

Then Prachi reaches the nature spot and starts enjoying nature. That boy who was trying to impress Rhea reaches there and thinks Prachi is Rhea. He starts singing the song and Prachi enjoys. She thinks how beautiful he is singing. Ranbir becomes so happy and then he says I love you but then he sees that Prachi is there. Prachi and Ranbir starts fighting. Ranbir asks why you are here. Prachi says I came here to enjoy nature. For more updates of Kumkum Bhagya written episode stay tuned with us.


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