In the previous episode, Abhi is admitted in the hospital. Alia asks Tanu to start behaving in a more familiar as if she leaves even a little loop, Pragya might be able to come back into Abhi’s life. Pragya calls on Alia’s phone to ask about Abhi’s help, Alia shouts at her and asks her never to call back again.

Pragya mentions to King that they must go and meet Abhi but her voice gets lost somewhere as King gets a work call and has to rush to some other place. Alia makes Tanu understand how important it is to make sure that Abhi and Pragya do not meet each other.


In the room, Pragya is tensed about Abhi’s health. Pragya wants to go to the hospital to meet Abhi. She remembers that Alia asked her not to dare to come to the hospital. She decides to go to the hospital nonetheless. King and the organiser come to the hospital too, to get King’s full body checkup.

King sees Pragya in the hospital. He excuses himself and wonders what Pragya is doing at the hospital. Pragya, at the reception, says that she is Abhi’s wife and wants to meet him. She rushes to the ICU. King asks for Pragya at the reception but to no available. He cannot figure out Pragya’s whereabouts.

Pragya turns nostalgic upon seeing the family members. Alia is shocked upon seeing Pragya but everyone else is presently surprised. Purab asks whether she was already in touch with Abhi. Dasi tells everyone that she knew it all along. Alia stops Pragya in her way to the ICU. She tells her that she won’t let her go inside. She also asks everyone not to talk to her as she has realized that she is an unlucky charm for Abhi.

Pragya tries to think of a way to enter the ICU. Kiara waits up in the middle of the night and decides to call her but she has left her phone at home.

Pragya dresses up as a nurse in order to get unrestricted access to the ICU.


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