In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya on August 04, 2021, the serial will come with an amazing scene because the conflict between Pragya, Gautam, and Abhi will be held. Pragya and Abhi talk with each other in her cabin and she says that she doesn’t want him to stay around her because she is confused. Abhi replies that you trouble. She reminds her previous words. She replies, wrong. Pragya reminds herself that she is angry with him but he comes in front of him, she calms down.

kumkum bhagay 4th august 2021

She is confused about her life as she doesn’t know what is going on and Abhi confesses everything about her and himself. He says that when he passed her a glass so, she recognized him in a touch and he can find her in the crowd of millions.

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Pragya stands calm and thinks many things. Abhi comes to her and suddenly, Pragya says that she doesn’t know what’s going on and not interest to know about it, she called him there only to tell him that she is going to fire him. While, Abhi says that she can’t do it because before fired him, they will have to give notice before 1 month including 3-months of salary.

If you will fire me so, you will have to face me for one month. On the other side, Pallavi says that Vikram wants both his sons to live in this house, and now, I am happy that he came back to his house.

Later, Abhi talks to his friend in the office and suddenly, Gautam comes to them and says that he doesn’t want to see his face and asks him to fired. While Abhi’s friend says that we can’t fired him because he signed a contract with us for up to 1 year and before fired him

He will have to give notice to him before 1 month otherwise, three months of salary. His friend says that they talked to Pragya ma’am about this. Suddenly, Abhi stops and says that are you feeling pain and asks him to stay away from Pragya.

Abhi says he will stay close to her always and give a warning to him. On the other side, His friend talks to a mechanic that he did not tell him that there are some problems between Abhi and Pragya. Suddenly, Abhi enters and he cuts the call. They talk to each other and says that Pragya and Gautam hated you.

They both talks to each other and suddenly, a peon comes to them and says that Pragya ma’am is scolding and asking for help. Abhi says that I am here to what’s happening there. Peon says that the window has struck and the heavy wind is going on outside.

His friend asks Abhi to go there and solve the situation. Abhi goes there and Abhi tries to close the door and suddenly, they see each other. The episode ends.


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