Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Latest Update: Rhea And Prachi Fights We are back with the latest episode where Ranbir asks what is the truth behind this? Prachi says that she has told everything and it is his thinking that is what he wants to know. Prachi goes from there and he couldn’t control his frustration by kicking to car’s tires. Prachi is thinking about her pregnancy while Ranbir comes to the doctor’s room. She feels upset in the car and remembers everything. She talks to her baby and says that she couldn’t take care of her child. Later, she talks to Shayna and says that she is worried.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022

She tells everything to her and says that she was just in the hospital where he saw her. Prachi says that it was a sign of God that she should talk to her and tell this to him. Shayna says to her that she should tell to him. Prachi says that she can’t tell him because he is doubting her that she is… suddenly, Dida comes and says that what is… Dida asks her what is the reason behind her scary face. Prachi and Shayna see each other faces and Dida says that she asked something and it is not important that she will have to tell.

Rhea And Prachi Fights

Dida says that she will not feel bad. Prachi says that she hides something from her. Dida says that if she hid something, there was a strong reason. She says that when the right time will come, she can share it with her. The life of women is not easy even it is Goddess Sita, and Parwati. On the other side, Rhea comes to the kitchen to take milk and Prachi sees her. Rhea says that what does she want? Prachi says that whatever she wants, she can’t give to her.

Rhea asks her that she should spend some time in the kitchen because she wastes her time on sitting dressing table. Rhea says that she took medicines sometimes and Prachi thinks that she is observing her. Prachi thanks God that she did not see the medicines. Rhea asks why does she take medicines. She says that she is taking the medicines to look gorgeous because she wants to attract Ranbir.

Rhea says that she doesn’t want her as her sister. Prachi is about to go from there and Ranbir says that he just gave her a lift because she did not get a taxi. Rhea says what was she trying to say. She stops Prachi and says her that she just want to create a quarrel between husband and wife. Prachi reveals that they hides the marriage of her sister’s wedding with her husband. Prachi goes from there and Rhea asks that he doesn’t need to concentrate on her words. Prachi comes to her room and thinks that she changes his mind.

Prachi saves her pregnancy file in the cupboard. Prachi sees Ranbir photo frame ands smiles. On the other side, Ranbir is thinking about her and meeting his father. The Episode Ends.


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