The episode starts with Alia, Alia feels very alone about how Abhi was fighting with Pragya for her. She does not like seeing this at all and she tells Aryan to take the news of Riya’s health. Aryan informs him that he is not in the hospital and this information makes Aaliya even sadder. Then Aryan calls Ranbir present in the hospital and asks about Riya and on receiving the news, Aryan informs Aaliya that Pragya had come to meet Riya at the hospital but she was sleeping. But Aryan does not know that he has left the hospital and Aaliya assumes that Pragya is still present in the hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2020 Written Update Latest Today Episode Spoiler

Meanwhile, Abhi whispers something to Prachi but Prachi is unable to hear anything and she says if he said anything but before Abhi says something she remembers Prachi’s disappointment at her father’s comment. Then Prachi tells Abhi to stop the car and believes that she wants to apologize to Abhi, but she is unable to apologize and feels hesitant.

In the second part, Prachi and Pragya see each other from afar, on the other side, Alia also spots Pragya in the car. Aaliya remembers all the bitter things that Pragya had told her and planned to hit her with the car. Abhi and Prachi see Pragya hitting the car as Abhi tries to save Pragya and Aaliya runs away. Abhi suspects that this is Alia’s plot. Then he gives a lift to Pragya and Prachi and they agree to sit in his car.

On the other Side, Riya returns to her senses and comes from Ranbir. Ranbir becomes uneasy when consoling Riya but listens to her. He may talk again with Riya about himself and Prachi’s relationship, but he may not notice it. Seeing and looking after Ranbir in the hospital, Riya announced that Ranbir would always be her.

In the next scene, Pragya and Abhi start furious in the car, and on the other side, Abhi is very excited, to tell the truth to her daughters while Pragya feels that Prachi is not in a position to hear the truth right now. Prachi, who is sitting on the back seat, is stunned by Pragya and Abhi’s casual behavior. And on the other side, Alia arrives at the house and regrets her decision to kill Pragya. Alia feels insecure thinking that Prachi and Pragya should not return home. And to save herself from danger, she calls a mechanic to repair her car, so that no one suspects that she had conspired to kill Pragya.

What will happen in the next episode? Will Alia’s truth is revealed to everyone or will she win once again. Stay tuned to know this.


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