The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 31, is ready for premiere with the upcoming episode of the show where lots of things will be seen in the upcoming episode. As we have seen that Abhi is ready for the contract marriage and he will handle everything in his own way and they both are in the house of Pragya house.

kumkum bhagya 31st august 2021

Along with this, Rhea has decided to destroy Prachi and wants to take her down and get Ranbir back. Now, the episode will show a new twist where Pragya has taken Abhi in her life back and on the other side, Rhea is going to take a new step in her life against Prachi.

Now, today’s episode starts when Tanu and Aliya sit in Pragya’s house and Tanu shouts at the servant for bringing Samosa and Chai. She says if I were the owner of this house so, I will teach you. Suddenly, Aliya stands up and says that what is going on there, if you talking about us and Tanu gives all the documents to Sushma and asks her to read and follow all the formalities.

Tanu asks them that Abhi could come here anytime and she calls him. On the other side, Abhi is sitting on the bench and remembering the words of Pragya when they talked on call.

On the other side, Rhea is going to play another trick on Janmashtami because Dida and Pallavi gave all the responsibilities to Prachi and Rhea plans to spoil everything in her life and spoil the worship on the day of Janmashtami.

When the Janmashtami function is about to start in the house temple, Prachi sees that there is a fire burning on the side of the temple and she gets shocked after viewing this. Pallavi and Dida also see this and Pallavi shouts at her and says that you can’t do a single thing properly and Prachi stands silents and can’t say anything because of this.

Prachi brings water to extinguish the fire but Rhea is all set before and she extinguish the fire in front of all and after that Prachi will try to understand that she did not burn the lamp in the plate for worship but it happened. Prachi tries to convince her but Pallavi doesn’t listen to her. Because of this, Pallavi asks Rhea to perform the Puja instead of Prachi. Rhea does Puja and Prachi doesn’t even know that Rhea is planning to get back Ranbir.

Later, Rhea comes to Prachi and point out her by pointing that she has changed in the last 2 years and Prachi realizes that Rhea has become real Rhea as she was 2 years ago. Will Rhea manage to separate Ranbir and Prachi? Will Rhea get success in her plans? Tell us in the comment section.


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