Today in this article we are talking about the show “Kumkum Bhagya”. The episode starts with when the Shahan tells to Pragya that Prachi is in lockup.  Pragya asks from him that when Prachi gets arrested at that time where is Shri Mehra? Shahan said that she was there. Pragya asks from the Sarita that why she calls to Praachi at her home to get her arrested. Sariya replies that yes it is possible then Pragya says that I know everything and he is the boss of the company and Prachi is just an employee of the office.  She says that they invite her to every function and also behave like a family member, and also that she knows everything.

Kumkum Bhagya wu 31-8-2020

To meet with the Prachi Ranbir comes there and Prachi says that you meet with me. Then Ranbir cracks a little joke that he comes here to meet with the thief then said yes I am here to meet with you. He tells that he take Laddu. He says that he stole that. Then Prachi asks what? Ranbir replies that he took this laddu quietly. Then they take the taste of the laddu. Prachi gets emotional then the meeting time is over the lady constable comes to get outside the Ranbir but he holds the hand of Prachi. Then the background music is playing…. he asks what happen?

Laddu is not good, I thought that you like that laddu. Prachi says that she thoughts he was upset by her. Ranbir says when you meet with me in the lockup that time you are angry. Prachi asks why you don’t call me. Ranbir takes the swear and says that he want to talk to her but he thoughts that you are a wave of anger so he won’t have the courage to meet you. Prachi tells that I call you but you don’t pick my call at that time. Ranbir says that he doesn’t get any cal hoe his phone was already busy on another call.

Prachi tells that she is in a problem with herself. Ranbir says when he doesn’t talk from 2 days then he missed her so much. Prachi says that she thinks about him also. Ranbir says if you are not like me then get anger on me and also get irritated from me then why you think about me. Prachi looks on. For more written update episodes stay connect with us.



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