The latest episode of Zee 5’s favorite shows Kumkum Bhagya begins with Dadi. Dadi praised Pragya, saying that she felt at home when she was in the Mehra house. Hearing Grandma’s talk, Alia tells Grandma that she should go to the neighbor’s house but Grandma is not calm. Grandma says that if a thorn-like Alia is in Mahra’s house, then a flower-like Pragya is very much needed, otherwise this thorn will hurt everyone and will not let anyone stay in peace.


In the next scene, you see Abhi reaching the hospital and seeing Ranveer talking to the inspector, when he asks the police officer to investigate the matter, he tells Ranbir to go to the police station and describe the truck driver to help the police to quickly investigate the case.

On the other side, we see that Abhi goes to the third floor, and seeing the opportunity tries to go to Pragya and meets Shahana who takes Abhi to Prachi, and finally, Abhi reaches Prachi and asks the doctor. Is he able to meet Prachi but the doctor does not allow him to meet Prachi and says that her condition is not good now So please give her time to recover and at the same time he tells Abhi that Prachi’s Mother is a little worried about Nidhi.

On the other side, Pragya argues seeing the expensive bill at the counter and Abhi tells the doctor that he will pay the bill, saying that he proceeds to pay the bill at the counter. Meanwhile, Riya gives the truck driver a sum of 2 lakhs to go out of Delhi and orders her to go away from there, but the truck driver is not satisfied with the amount of 2 lakhs and asks for more money. Riya says that she does not have any money, she has given all the money now she does not have money, but the truck driver does not listen to her, So to get rid of the truck driver, she has to give her diamond ring.

Riya reaches home and tells Aaliya about the monetary situation. She also states that the truck driver is going from Delhi, there is no need to worry anymore. But there is a twist in the story when Ranveer comes to know about the truck driver and he follows him. Now it will be very interesting to see if the truck driver will be able to move out of Delhi? Stay tuned to know this.


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