Abhi and Pragya are saved from the robbers. Abhi is taken to the hospital. Pragya returns back to her home.

In the previous episode, Abhi is sent back inside the bank with a gun. The robbers go and open the locker and take away all the money and gold. The head robber instructs his man to shoot all the people. Abhi asks Pragya to take everyone outside. One of the robbers points the gun towards Pragya in order to shoot her if she helps everyone to go out.

Abhi tackles the goons when they threaten to shoot Pragya. He hits all of them and everyone finds a way to leave the bank without any hassles. Pragya comes back inside to ask Abhi to stop from hitting them. The old lady asks everyone to rush back in, in order to help Pragya and Abhi.

The head robber comes back and threatens everyone. The commandos come inside to fight the goons. Abhi pulls Pragya down to save her from the attack. One of the robbers comes from the behind and hits Abhi on the head. His family members come in to see him when the police have arrested the robbers. Pragya sees them all and is happy seeing them care for him. Abhi excuses himself to go and talk to Pragya.

Just as he is about to go and talk to her, King comes to her and hugs her, thankful that she is safe. Abhi is forced to stop midway. Tanu sees him and runs to hugs him. Abhi and Pragya are in tears. Abhi walks away. Pragya sees Kiyara scolding the police. She runs towards her.

Kiyara tells Pragya that her doll thief promised her that he’d rescue her. Just as Pragya is about to look at him, she is distracted. Pragya walks away. Abhi is pushed to his feet and falls down. King extends help to him to get up. His family members come to take him to the doctor. Pragya and her family leave too.

Alia is at the hospital and shouts at Tanu when she comes back after changing her clothes. Alia tells Tanu to understand that if Pragya comes back into his life, she’ll be thrown out. She asks Tanu to become a little family oriented. Chachi tells Pragya how much King was worried about her.

Chachi tells Pragya how much King misses her when she is not around. Pragya, however, is worried about Abhi.


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