Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir Knows About Prachi’s Pregnancy The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir and Rhea. He calls her baby once again and Prachi gets irritated by them. He says that he can call anything to his wife. Prachi says that they made this table as a kindergarten school. Ranbir says he can say anything to his wife and if she has any problem so, she can go from this table. Rhea feels happy for her and Pallavi says that Rhea looks too pretty with a smile. Prachi gets up and says that she has to go somewhere. Dida asks where she is going without having food? She says that she has some urgent work.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2022

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2022

Ranbir asks her where is she going? Prachi replies that he needs to focus on his baby and doesn’t need to take care of her. She goes from there. After Prachi goes from there, Ranbir also gets up and says that he has to go somewhere. Pallavi asks him and he says that he needs to take her medicines and then, he will move to the office. Ranbir goes from there and Aliya says that he has changed and therefore, he is managing this relationship. On the way of Ranbir, he sees Prachi and stops. He asks her to give lift.

Ranbir Knows About Prachi’s Pregnancy

Prachi says that she doesn’t need to sit in his car because her baby will get irritated if she will sit in his car. Ranbir comes out of the car and says that she is feeling jealous when he called the baby to Rhea. He says that she is doing drama. Prachi says that she doesn’t care about anything. She asks him that he needs to focus on his baby and his work as well. Prachi reaches to the hospital and meets the receptionist. Prachi goes to the doctor and Ranbir also comes there to take medicines.

He sees Prachi from behind but didn’t recognize him. He also comes to meet the same doctor. The receptionist tells him that he can’t meet her right now because the doctor is busy with a pregnant lady. Ranbir sits on the chair and waits for his turn. Doctor suggests she stay focused on her health and doesn’t need to argue with anyone. Doctor says that she needs to talk to her husband and she says that he is busy right now and can’t talk right now. Prachi says that her husband is taking care of her.

Doctor says that doesn’t lie in this pregnancy. Ranbir waits for his turn but he takes a chance to meet the doctor. The doctor talks to her and Ranbir is moving to the doctor. Ranbir enters to the room and sees nothing here. Doctor says that he has some urgent work and therefore, he came early. Doctor asks him to wait and says that she is checking someone and has the same surname as Kohli. Ranbir congratulates her and says thanks to her. Ranbir goes from there and can’t see her. He goes from there and Prachi also. Suddenly, Prachi opens the door and sees Ranbir. He asks her that is she pregnant? He asks the doctor about her but she did not tell her. The Episode Ends.



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