We are back with the new latest update of the Kumkum Bhagya on August 2nd, 2021. We have seen many twists in the previous episode where Gautam, Abhi, and Pragya interact with each other and now, the episode will go more entertaining. The upcoming episode will show that Rhea and Sid welcome by Pallavi in her house and on the other side, the welcome of Ranbir and Prachi did by Dida.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2021

Prachi get happy after seeing that Pallavi comes to give blessing to Ranbir and Prachi and showing that she is accepting them. Prachi thinks that everything will be fine and we live happily. Ranbir sees that Prachi is smiling and Prachi hugs Rhea and feels special.

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When she hugs Rhea, she doesn’t feel any kind of negativity from her and every quiet time with Kohli’s in the house. Prachi thinks that she will give her best to become the best Bahu of the house and win Pallavi’s heart. On the other side, we will get to see that Tanu meets Pragya and says that she came to her to make a deal. She put her husband (Abhi) on sale. She throws Rhea’s picture and asks Pragya to check all of these through documents and if she wants so, can accept this deal.

Pragya gets shocked after seeing that her husband is on sale and Tanu announces that if she wants her husband back so, she will have to give money. Tanu says that because of this deal, her husband will be saved and she will lose her. She asks her to think about it and decide. Pragys got angry and ashamed Tanu on this move. She gives a lecture to her on this step.

While the other side will show that Dida will give the keys of the house and treasure and says that today, I will hand over these keys to my son’s wife, I will hand over these keys to my grandson’s wife and everyone gets shocked after hearing this because Prachi and Rhea they both are the wife of Dida’s grandson. Along with this keys, she will take my blessings as well. Suddenly, Pallavi asks Rhea to take keys from Dida and come forward. Because of this, Ranbir is shocked.

On the other side, Ranbir will say to Pragya that at that time, there was too dark and we knew each other in just a touch, you will regret that but I can find you in the million’s of people crowd. While Pragya is standing near Abhi and hears everything from him. Now, the upcoming episode will show that what will happen inside Kohli’s house and who will get a chance to hold all the responsibility of Kohli’s house.


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