“Kumkum Bhagya” today episode starts with Sahana is crying in the hospital. Ranbir comes and gives the sympathy that Prachi will be fine early. Riya sees from distance. Pragya reaches the hospital and enters the medication room. Doctors take nurses’ help to send outside the Pragya from the room. She starts asking them about the accident incident from the Sahana. Sahan says that one truck attacks her. even though there is not permitted to enter any truck there. Pragya sees Prachi from a window get emotional and start crying. One nurse comes and takes a medicine slip.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2020 Written Latest Update Today Episode

Ranbir and Sahan run to take medicine. The doctor sends the nurse to call someone a close family member. They tell to Pragya that the next 24 hours is so important for her if she does not come in senses so she will be gone in the comma. It is a critical situation for her. Riya gives sympathy to Pragya, she is crying so badly. Riya gets a phone call from the truck driver but she cut the call. The driver was upset.  Pragya said that she can’t leave without the Prachi. Prachi has to be perfect for me. Riya said that forget me one time. Pragya hugs him.

Riya said that she has to drive fast she won’t now that Prachi is so serious. Pragya accepts that Riya gives so effort to reach the hospital as soon as possible. She starts caresses to Rhea. Riya goes outside to attend the call and said that she will come soon. In the Corridor, Riya starts shouting and ask what is your problem. This time she can’t talk to him. She said that she is in the city hospital now she can’t give the money. The truck driver said that he will be there. Riya said to him to do not to do this.

Anytime police will come here and if you are here so you can arrest anytime. Then she realizes that the phone is cut and the truck driver decided to go to the hospital. Riya was so afraid. Police reach the hospital, and they said that they meet with Shri Mehra. Ranbir tells the inspector that Prachi crosses the road and one truck hits her. He is in suspect that its happens with knowingly because the truck driver can stop the truck. Pragya starts scolding to Ranbir that why he can’t tell these things before. For more updating news stay connect with us and stay safe!


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