The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya comes with the latest and fantastic twist as Pragya started to remember Abhi and she thinks that whenever she reminds him, he comes in front of her. On the other side, Abhi was arguing with the watchman and saying that he wants to go inside because the madam who went inside will go angry if I will not go to her.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2021

He says to the watchman that I will say to her that I took a car on time but the watchman did not allow me to go inside as she is a very angry lady and I am a mechanic, she will say nothing to me but you are a watchman and she can even snatch your job.

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He tries to scare him more and says that before coming here, she also scolded her husband. Watchman asks what did he do? Abhi replies that he did love her and the moment goes in a funny moment. Abhi says her husband loved but she refused. Watchman says that you look like Rockstar Abhishek Mehra.

Abhi replies that even he thinks that he looks like him but whenever I see her, it doesn’t feel that he is not a rockstar nor a husband. On the other side, Gautam and Pragya sitting in the farmhouse and Gautam mixed something in her drink.

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As we have been told that Gautam’s intentions over Pragya is not good. Gautam says to her that read all the paper carefully and at the time, Gautam look at her and wish that he wants to hold her and read her as well as she is reading papers. On the other side, Abhi rings that bell and says that the bell is not working well and thinks that he should give keys and go back to his basti.

On the other side, Doctors are trying to revive Vikran and Beeji asked what happened to him? Doctors say that he got shocked and I said to you that keep him happy. Pallavi asks him and the doctors say he got a second attack and asks everyone to go out. Rhea holds their hand Sid and tears come in his eyes. Ranbir hugs him and cries.

The episode comes with more story and now, the episode will show that will Vikram survives from a second heart attack. On the other side, Will Gautam get succeed in plans or Abhi will save to Pragya from Gautam’s intentions. The upcoming episodes will open more twists and we don’t want to spoil your episode by sharing the whole episode so, watch Kumkum Bhagya on ZeeTV at 9 PM IST.


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