We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya and the episode begins with something interesting. In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pallavi announces that she will cover the eyes of husbands and has to find her wife.

Kumkum Bhagya, 28th December 2021

Well, this is all planned by Pallavi and Aliya where Aliya tells Rhea that when Ranbir will try to find her, he will find her due to the strong smell of followers (Gajrra). Rhea wears it and comes to the party. Dida thinks that there is something fishy and Aliya says that she will take out the chits out of the bowl.

Dida thinks that Ranbir and Prachi can’t be separated because God is with them. Rhea shows Gajjra to Ranbir and says that she is wearing so, the smell of her love will bring them close. Vikram starts the game first and wins after finding Pallavi among all the ladies. Vikram says that she could find her because of fear.

If he touches another lady so, Pallavi will not leave him and everyone laughs. The game continues and Aliya brings a chit for Vikram where Vikram will have to say a Shayari for Pallavi.

Vikram impresses everyone with his Shayari and Aliya calls Rahul for his turn and Pallavi ties a cloth on Rahul’s eye and he searches for his wife. He holds someone elsewhere he will have to lift the girl and have to move in the hall.

Pallavi calls Ranbir for his turn and Prachi get to know that Rhea cheated in this game as she wore Gajra in her hair. Ranbir starts the game and stops near Prachi but doesn’t hold her hand and moves from there. Rhea gets relief and thinks that he will hold her hand.

He touches her Gajjra but doesn’t hold her hand and goes from there. He moves towards Prachi once again and touches her chicks. Everyone gets shocked and Dida gets happy. He announces that she is his wife.

He removes his cloth and sees her romanticly. Dida says that he will get punishment. Dida forces to take the chits out of the bowl and reads that a girl and a boy will have to dance together.

Pallavi gets shocked and Shayna asks to play the song for them. Ranbir sits on his knees and invites Prachi to dance. She holds her hand and they both dance romanticly in front of everyone. Rhea gets jealous and everyone sees them.

They create a romantic environment with their dance and everyone gets happy. Aliya and Rhea go from there and Shayna notices them. She thinks that they are going to do something and follows them.

On the other side, Rhea brings the paper out of her almirah and prepares. Aliya and Rhea argue with each other and Rhea throw Gajra and Shayna notices this. Rhea says that Ranbir still loves her. Rhea says that they will have to separate them legally. On the other side, everyone claps for Ranbir and Prachi.

Pallavi’s friend Neha says that Prachi looks like the wife of Ranbir. Neha says that they are made for each other. Ranbir and Prachi feel the same for each other and go from there. Ranbir talks her privately and says that he tried to contact her but did not get her number from anywhere. The Episode Ends.


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