Today in this blog, we are talking about the Hindi dram show on television the name of the serial is “Kumkum Bhagya”. The episode begins with the Aliya and asks Riya why she is crying and said you have to be happy because you are safe and Prachi is arrest and under police custody. Abhi comes there and asks why you are crying? Riya said Papa are you asking me that what I am feeling right now. She said if I told you that you are not my father but still you are like my real father. Abhi says that you feel bad for my words and also replies that he felt bad about the Aliya words.

kumkum bhagya latest episode

Riya said that she is serious. Abhi said he doesn’t share your love with anyone if I regard Prachi as a daughter so it is not mean that I do not love her. he also said that you both are like my eyes so do not ask that which one is right and which one is left. Aliya said that she is in trouble and to see this every daughter is in trouble. He said that she still a child and he tries to help to move on from this problem.

Riya says that she is a thief and criminal but please stop helping her now. Abhi says my heart does not believe in this thing that you are a thief and it is proved that I love you more. They said that police arrested the Prachi and police pick her but I come to you, not behind the Prachi. Riya hugs him and Abhi goes from there.

Vikaram comes from Ranbir and said to him do not take seriously bout his mother words. Ranbir says that he is not like a Prachi and he stops me to go police station. Vikaram says to relax and chill. Ranbir says how can we chill at this time when one girl is in the police station.

He asks that is she ever give a chance to get upset in office. Vikaram says if your mother knows that I am from your side so what will she do. Aryan says that we will think about what Ranbir will do? Vikaram says you told this. Ranbir says to stop the fighting and tells that Prachi in jail. For more updating written episodes stay tunes with us and stay safe!


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